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Wiring Harness - Vehicle List

Models are listed alphabetically. We produce Vintage Wiring Harness to high quality replacement automotive wiring harnesses for non-current production vehicles, mostly for right hand drive vehicles. Our range covers cars from UK, USA, Australia and some European countries. The years covered are 1915 to the more modern classics.. Choose a list below.
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building original style harnesses for both the professional vehicle restorer and the enthusiast. We build our wiring looms to original specifications including the use of Lacquered Cotton Braided Wire (LCBW) where originally used. This type of wire was used exclusively on most cars up to the mid fifties and in part up to the seventies. The looms are then wrapped in cotton braiding (24 bobbin machines), or taped in the correct type non adhesive PVC harness tape as originally used by the factory. We will even label each wire and provide you with an instruction sheet to aid installation..

24 Bobbin Loom

As we build all our harnesses to order, we are able to incorporate any changes that may be required, such as the addition of wiring for turn indicators (flashers) or upgrades to 12V and alternators. Many earlier cars were not fitted with turn signals and it makes sense to include the wiring for these in the new loom so they become integrated. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

As well as supplying complete harnesses or looms for a wide range of cars, trucks, motor bikes, tractors, we can also provide many component items to enable you the restorer to make your own customized loom or modify it to your needs.