SUBARU WRX 1993-98


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N51709 Control arm bushes urethane - fr of fr arm (includes crush tubes) 1 pr/car
N51710 Control arm bushes urethane - re of fr arm (includes crush tubes) 1 pr/car
N61382 Control arm bushes urethane - rear arm (includes crush tubes) 1 set 8/car
N62034 Control arm assemblies urethane - rear arms (camber/ toe adjustable) 1 set 4/car
N91380 Diff mounts urethane - in cradle (includes crush tubes) 1 pr/car
N91379 Diff support outriggers urethane (includes crush tubes) 1 pr/car
N12247 Steering rack mounts urethane 1 pr/car
N22259 Sway bar link bushes urethane - front (includes crush tubes) 1 set 4/car
N22260 Sway bar link bushes urethane - rear (includes crush tubes) 1 set 4/car
N22383 Sway bar mounts urethane - 18mm front or rear /pr
N22352 Sway bar mounts urethane - 20mm front or rear /pr
N22353 Sway bar mounts urethane - 22mm front or rear /pr
N22354 Sway bar mounts urethane - 24mm front or rear /pr
N61383 Trailing arm bushes urethane - front (includes crush tubes) /pr
N61381 Trailing arm bushes urethane - rear to upright (incl crush tubes) /pr
Many available - enquire with samples ea 892.000
Auto Glue 150ml - heat & water resistant ea 613.008
(Excellent for fixing door & boot seals to vehicle
- plus many more automotive applications)
Super Glue 3ml ea 613.016
(Instant adhesive for butt joining applications)
Rubber Gloss & Lubricant 50ml ea 614.112
(Enhances appearance & assists sealing properties)
Screen sealant - tube /tube 606.001
Sound deadener - bituminous sticky-backed /sheet 607.004
(Sheet size 1.2m x 600mm x 3.5mm thick - use on
firewalls/floors/rear quarter panels)
Sound insulation - 1m x 1.5m /sheet 607.005
(use under bonnet)