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This is an introduction to Scott's Old Auto Rubber. It began in 1984 when I moved from New South Wales to Melbourne and started selling and buying parts for our own cars, (Rovers) and then friends began asking for us to search for hard to get parts for their cars. We then began obtaining cars to wreck and selling off all our unneeded surplus from our backyard. It turned into a business from there. Parts were being requested that were never in good condition on the Rovers we wrecked, such as windscreen seals, door seals and most other rubber parts. It was a gamble to invest the large amounts of money required to have dies made and to develop products, but it paid off slowly. Year by year we continued to grow, adding to the half page of products we stocked, till it got to the point where we needed to move into business premises as Roverco and Ankh Books (now that is another story!) which we did at the close of the eighties and changed our name to Roverco.

Our reputation began to spread, and our first sale to an overseas customer opened up a new adventure as an exporter. We now have customers in almost every country and are keen to expand further and develop more products. After partnership problems were resolved by me going it alone, I asked my brother to join me and we never looked back for 12 years. At the same time we decided that the name did not reflect the true nature of our business, as we now have products for almost every kind of vehicle. So my then partner came up with a name I could not reject, and we became Scott's Old Auto Rubber.


I now have a new business partner who also happens to be my wife, and we are looking forward to developing new ranges of products for our customers growing needs. We have now disposed of all the second hand Rover parts and are specialising in new reproduction parts, such as door seals, windscreen seals and quarter vent seals etc. 

I have owned too many cars to list, (some of the cars I have owned) I know it is hard to believe but they number in the hundreds. My very first car was a 1956 Rover 90 owned by a local rally driver which my father wrote off the day I bought it, followed by a 1954 Hillman Minx, a Valiant Safari AP5, many Humbers and then to cars as diverse as Morris Minors and several Buicks, including a 1965 Wildcat and a 1948 Flower Car, to Alpha Romeo Guilia Supers and Chevrolet trucks as well as a hand built FJ Holden sports car called the Don Special, then after moving to Melbourne many more Morris Minors and Rovers including a Rover 1925 '9' horse power Tourer, a 1967 MK3 Rover fitted with a Chevrolet V8, a 1955 Rover 90 fitted with a 200 HP 3500 V8, a 1956 Rover 60, a 1970 P6B with full Triplex glass roof, a 1970 P6B Estate, a 1947 16 Sportsman, a Jaguar XJ6 fitted with a Chev 350 V8, Hillman Husky and even Skodas!! I also owned a Propert caravan which was quite a gadget.  

 My first motor bike was a 1955 G9 Matchless followed by several Triumphs, a Honda 450 ex-police bike, Yamaha triples, several 1985 Suzuki GL1000G's, another Triumph Daytona and a Ducati GT 750 I called the plank, and a lot more.   

Cars are not our whole life as my wife and I have 2 children which take up most of our spare time. Other interests include collecting valve radios, Electric Kettles (seriously), collecting model cars (mainly Rovers),  antiques, old motor cycles, bicycles, Meccano and almost anything old, although I have stopped collecting as the kids now take up most of my time.

Our store in Oakleigh has been sold and we have now taken the shop on-line only, you can still ring 9-5 Monday to Friday on our new number see below, but we have no shop now for you to drop in. We post all over the world and can arrange pickup in Oakleigh. If you have any queries about us or anything on this site, please E-Mail us direct  

Scott Richmond. 

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